Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been my latest endeavor, and I’ve been using this new medium to experiment a lot on what it can do to tell a story – more about my VR experience in my “About” section.

They can be viewed on a computer or phone, but are best used in conjunction with a Google Cardboard or similar mobile VR headset for the intended effect. I used a range of cameras from 6 GoPro Hero 4s, Kodak PixPro 360 cameras, or the Samsung 360 camera to shoot these.

Gramercy Tech VR Reel

I made this promotional reel for Gramercy Tech. This video is created specifically to be viewed on a computer, without the use of a headset or having to scroll around.

Chinese New Year

I conceived, shot, and edited this fun piece highlighting Chinese New Year in New York City for Gramercy Tech.

Great Lakes Solutions Virtual Reality Experience

I assistant directed all American aspects of this shoot and handled fine-tuning of stitches and stabilization.

For My Sister

I made this short VR film for my younger sister. Though we’re in two different parts of the country and are two very different people, I wanted a way to reach out to her.

28 Days to Graduation

An experimental film unpacking my feelings towards my quickly approaching college graduation.

Finding Balance – POV

A point-of-view look at trying to find some balance in my hectic college life. I wanted to experiment what it would be like to have a constantly moving virtual reality film as you literally follow along in my footsteps.