Kiera Johnson Reel 2017

My current reel sampling my latest works in Directing, Cinematography, and Virtual Reality. Samples of footage shown in 180 or 360 views is meant to be watched in VR. Please watch in HD.

Tigress (2016)

My BFA thesis film, Tigress. Inspired by both my dreams and past events, I wrote and directed this short film. The film centers around Talia as she struggles with her sister’s illness. “Tigress” focuses on childlike yearning for the way we used to imagine our lives to be. Please watch in HD.

Fall Teaser

Fall Teaser for Online Retailer Shop the Creative, run by Instagram Influencer Jessie Zeng @itsjessiezeng. Password: ShoptheCreative

CareEvolve – Explainer Animation

Working with a graphic designer, I animated his drawings, edited the video, and recorded and voiced the voiceover track.

If You Leave Me

A short poem, written, filmed, and directed by me.

When Death Comes – by Mary Oliver

This video is based on the poem “When Death Comes” by Mary Oliver which is very much a contemplation and confrontation of the idea of death and dying. Much of Oliver’s poetry is closely influenced by nature and we wanted this video to represent that as well as the relationship between “dark introspection and joyous release” that are so often explored in her poetry.

Frosting Trailer

A short trailer for the BFA film I produced, Frosting.

Work Song

I did the cinematography for a friend’s project in 2014.

Datacrowd – 1 min promo

A promo video I did for a startup company called Datacrowd, submitted for a competition that would hopefully allow them some grant money for their business.