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Keira1 I am a film and virtual reality director and producer currently based in New York City. Originally from Minnesota, I graduated with a BFA film degree from Emerson College in Boston. With a strong photography background and experience with cinematography, I aim for all of my films to be visually stunning and aesthetically interesting. I’m always looking to push the limits of tech, which is why I love the immersive and experiential qualities of VR so much. I’ve shot and edited a few of my own virtual reality films, including directing VR films for major companies such as Capital One.

My biggest work to date is my film, Tigress, which I wrote and directed a 20+ persons crew for two weekends to complete. You can watch it in my Films section. You can also read more about the concept and process of the film on the Tigress Indiegogo page here .

Currently, I’ve been working in live-action virtual reality. I participated in the world’s first undergraduate virtual reality class, worked at Gramercy Tech in NYC as their VR content creator, and directed and produced films with Bonsai Electronics, a leader in the force of HD VR camera rigs. I’m interested in the different kinds of stories I can tell in this crazy up-and-coming medium. There’s so much potential as well as opportunity to really experiment in a field that has no rules yet, and I’m down for the challenge! Three of my films, as well as a few pieces I’ve done for work, are available to view in the Virtual Reality section – best viewed with a Google Cardboard or similar headset.

I’m also working on a personal project, an Instagram project called @theasianpart. In this, I take a look at what it means to be a young Asian American woman in one of the largest cities in the world. I feature other girls as well, as I want it to be a collaborative place we can use to speak our minds and express ourselves as we like.

I love collaborating with any creative endeavor, and always look forward to working with new people. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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